Your Easter Ham

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Do you have your have your Easter Ham yet? That beautiful baked ham topped with pineapples and cherries with a tangy glaze will be the centerpiece of your Easter table and, if it’s not already, it will become a holiday tradition. That sweet, smoky aroma will permeate your kitchen while it’s baking and linger all day to the delight and awe of your guests.

Baked Ham
Baked Ham

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Sensation Salad

Sensation Salad on a white platter with salad tongs

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The list of culinary “musts” when you visit Louisiana is long-poboys, Muffalettas and beignets are just the tip of the gastronomical iceberg. Maybe not as familiar as some of the other iconic dishes, there’s one that doesn’t have anything to do with roux or gravy or fried seafood or any of those wonderful things. In fact, it’s a salad-yep, a salad, but one that’s so sensational, it’s called the Sensation Salad.  The first time I ate one, I was hooked.  This is a special treat and a genuine signature of Louisiana cuisine.

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Cilantro-Creole Mustard Marinated Salmon

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Tangy, healthy and quick? Sounds like a great combination and it sounds like dinner.  Salmon is one of the most popular seafood in the country. When it’s marinated in a sweet and savory blend on creole mustard, cilantro, honey, lemon and spice, then grilled or baked…you have the makings of a very popular dish.

Grilled Cilantro-Creole Mustard Marinaded Salmon on a platter
Grilled Cilantro-Creole Mustard Marinaded Salmon

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