Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake

Fruit cakes right out of the oven

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Fruit Cake-the Brussels Sprouts of Holiday treats! Come on, they can’t be that bad….they go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and are a staple of traditional Christmas on multiple continents. Don’t give up on fruit cake until you’ve tried Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake. It’s full of sweet candied and dried fruit, marinated in Cherry Brandy, then mixed with nuts in a spiced batter that’s baked to golden perfection before being soaked with more Cherry Brandy! The outcome is a sweet, moist pastry that just says Christmas is Here! If you haven’t tried fruit cake, this is the one to try. If you are a fruit cake lover, then you’ll know that Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake is the best you have ever had! 

Four fruit cakes on a cooling rack
Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake

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What You Need to Know About Fruit Cake

Fruit cake in an angel-food pan

Fruit cake…that dense, dry cake full of everything but flavor,  a punchline made infamous by Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show in the 1960’s when he said:

The worst Christmas gift is fruitcake… There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other, year after year.”

From then on, fruit cake was the Tonight Show’s Christmas punching bag. But before you judge it too quickly, let’s take a closer look at this much-maligned confection. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Fruit Cake”

Sweet Daddy D’s Thanksgiving Recipes

I know we are all Thankful for our many blessings year round, but it’s nice to set some time aside to really think about and count our blessings. The best part about this time of year is being with those we love and taking the time to let those we can’t be with know how important they are to us and how thankful we are that they are in our lives.Thanksgiving Recipe Images

It goes without saying that food is a big part of how we celebrate this time of year. I want to share a few recipes with you, just in case you’re looking for something special at this special for your holiday table.

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