Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish in glass bowl with nutcracker

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Cranberry Relish is that little something extra that makes the Holiday meal more special. Cranberries, one of the few commercially grown fruits that are native to the United States, go back to the 17th Century when Native Americans were known to mix cranberries, sugar and sugar in simple recipes. Over the years, cranberry sauces became known as a Thanksgiving accompaniment, but now are actually associated with all Holiday meals. Here’s Sweet Daddy D’s simple and no-angst recipe for Cranberry Relish that will get everyone’s attention. Continue reading “Cranberry Relish”

Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake

Fruit cakes right out of the oven

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Fruit Cake-the Brussels Sprouts of Holiday treats! Come on, they can’t be that bad….they go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and are a staple of traditional Christmas on multiple continents. Don’t give up on fruit cake until you’ve tried Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake. It’s full of sweet candied and dried fruit, marinated in Cherry Brandy, then mixed with nuts in a spiced batter that’s baked to golden perfection before being soaked with more Cherry Brandy! The outcome is a sweet, moist pastry that just says Christmas is Here! If you haven’t tried fruit cake, this is the one to try. If you are a fruit cake lover, then you’ll know that Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake is the best you have ever had! 

Four fruit cakes on a cooling rack
Aunt Ellen’s Fruit Cake

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