Cajun Thousand Island Dressing

cajun thousand island dressing on tomatoes and lettuce on a plate

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Why go to the trouble of preparing a delicious dinner just to bring out a bottle of some commercial salad dressing…it’s hard to find a good one and there isn’t much special about any of them. A homemade salad dressing just seems to put an exclamation point on a nice dinner. The best part is you won’t believe how easy a good homemade salad dressing is to make. Sweet Daddy D’s Cajun Thousand Island Dressing gives a special Cajun twist to the timeless classic…it’s simple and you know its no-angst!

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Double Shot Butternut Squash

Double Shot Butternut Squash on a plate in from of shot and bottle of rum

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A perfect side dish for fall and winter needs to be rich, hearty and comforting.  Sweet Daddy D’s Double Shot Butternut Squash meets those criteria in a delicious way. Roasting brings out the deep flavor of the Butternut Squash then the sauce brings a sweet and savory element elevated with some

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Making Roast Pork Tenderloin with Meyer Lemon Sauce

sliced pork tenderloin with meyer lemon sauce and a meyer lemon

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If you like lemon flavor, you are in for a treat with this lemony sauce with a twist. It’s made with Meyer Lemons, a hybrid cross between a Eureka Lemon and a Mandarin orange. Combining the Meyer Lemon’s complex flavor with butter, garlic, white wine and fresh rosemary, produces a versatile sauce great on pork, chicken, fish or just about anything you can imagine. Pork Tenderloin is an ideal cut of meat for anything from a quick weeknight dinner to an elegant meal. Here we prepare it with a smoky citrus-y rub. When you add the Meyer Lemon sauce to the roasted tenderloin, watch out…it’s Sweet Daddy D’s no-angst recipe for Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Meyer Lemon Sauce! Continue reading “Making Roast Pork Tenderloin with Meyer Lemon Sauce”