Shrimp and Okra Gumbo

a ladel of shrimp and okra gumbo over a stock pot

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Gumbo is one of the most popular and captivating dishes in all of South Louisiana cuisine. What the natives know that others don’t is that there is no one way to make a Gumbo, even while they argue that their way is the only way. The origins of Gumbo go deep into the South Louisiana cultural roots and the variations are as diverse as the culture itself. Usually, it’s a roux based soup-like concoction centered around a protein, either seafood or meat and served over rice, but all of that is variable. Maybe no roux, maybe no meat or seafood, maybe thick, maybe thin…the possibilities are endless. Here’s a look at Sweet Daddy D’s Shrimp and Okra Gumbo, a no-angst approach to a traditional seafood-based Gumbo that’s easier to make than it may appear.

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Oyster Artichoke Bisque

oyster artichoke bisque in a bowl with 2 fresh artichokes

Soup…a New Orleans favorite? Yes, it is. Whether its gumbo, turtle soup or any of the many other varieties of soups or bisques, you’ll find it on the menus of New Orleans restaurants, from fine dining to the mom and pop neighborhood places, as a starter or an entree. Given the abundance and popularity of fresh Gulf Oysters and the love for artichokes, it’s no surprise that one of the City’s most popular soups is Oyster Artichoke Bisque, a rich and creamy bisque with the brininess of oysters matched perfectly with the mild, distinctive flavor of artichoke. Thankfully, you don’t have to eat out to enjoy this Creole specialty…here’s the no-angst way to make Sweet Daddy D’s Oyster Artichoke Bisque.

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How to Make Mirliton Crab Bisque

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Mirlitons-the wrinkly green vegetable, found in family gardens and farmers markets all over South Louisiana, commonly finds there way to the dinner table and restaurant menus, particularity in the fall.  My favorite is this Sweet Daddy D’s Mirliton and Crab Bisque.  The mirliton’s mild flavor is a perfect companion for the succulent and rich crab meat and unique spice blend of nutmeg, allspice and cardamom. Great as an appetizer or the main course, served with crisp french bread and a green salad. Let’s take a look at this no-angst recipe.

Mirliton Crab Bisque with crab meat in a bowl with three mirlitons
Mirliton Crab Bisque

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