How to Make Mirliton Crab Bisque

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Mirlitons-the wrinkly green vegetable, found in family gardens and farmers markets all over South Louisiana, commonly finds there way to the dinner table and restaurant menus, particularity in the fall.  My favorite is this Sweet Daddy D’s Mirliton and Crab Bisque.  The mirliton’s mild flavor is a perfect companion for the succulent and rich crab meat and unique spice blend of nutmeg, allspice and cardamom. Great as an appetizer or the main course, served with crisp french bread and a green salad. Let’s take a look at this no-angst recipe.

Mirliton Crab Bisque with crab meat in a bowl with three mirlitons
Mirliton Crab Bisque

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Mirlitons Stuffed with Shrimp and Creole Tomatoes

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Mirlitons…mirla-what? Mirlitons. You may know them by their other names, chayote or vegetable pear, but these wrinkly, light green pear shaped members of the gourd family are yet another star of Creole cuisine.

Sweet Daddy D’s Mirlitons Stuffed with Shrimp and Creole Tomatoes is a no-angst recipe that shows what makes Creole and Cajun cuisines so special.

Stuffed Mirliton on a fork
Delicious Mirlitons stuffed with shrimp and creole tomatoes

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