How to Make Creole Sauce

creole sauce served over rice with stuffed pepper and garnished with lemon and bay leaf


Creole Sauce, or Sauce Creole, is a Creole classic-tomatoes with lots of the Holy Trinity-a Creole and Cajun cooking staple comprised of yellow onions, bell peppers, and celery.  Add some customary Louisiana spices and seasonings and a slow simmer and you have created a traditional Creole Sauce that will elevate just about anything to a Creole classic. Here’s Sweet Daddy D’s no-angst method to make this delicious sauce. Continue reading “How to Make Creole Sauce”

Classic Shrimp Creole

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Classic Shrimp Creole-comfort food from the bayou. Here’s Sweet Daddy D’s no-angst way to make this delicious Creole treat that will become an instant family favorite.

Shrimp Creole in a bowl with green onions and french bread
Classic Shrimp Creole

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