Sweet Daddy D’s Thanksgiving Recipes

I know we are all Thankful for our many blessings year round, but it’s nice to set some time aside to really think about and count our blessings. The best part about this time of year is being with those we love and taking the time to let those we can’t be with know how important they are to us and how thankful we are that they are in our lives.Thanksgiving Recipe Images

It goes without saying that food is a big part of how we celebrate this time of year. I want to share a few recipes with you, just in case you’re looking for something special at this special for your holiday table.

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How to Make Cajun Dirty Rice

Cajun Dirty Rice in a white bowl with green onion garnish

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Dirty Rice, the traditional Cajun/Creole favorite combines browned meats and chicken livers with the trinity (onions, green peppers and celery), Cajun/Creole spices and cooked white rice. It’s very similar to Rice Dressing but Dirty Rice is “dirty”-describing the appearance of the rice after it has been mixed with the browned meats and the chicken liver, which isn’t an ingredient in Rice Dressing. Dirty Rice is too bold and delicious to call it merely a side dish-it’s a very popular accompaniment with meats, fowl and seafood. A version of this dish, and there are endless versions, will always be found at family gatherings and holiday celebrations in South Louisiana, here’s how to make Sweet Daddy D’s Cajun Dirty Rice.

Cajun Dirty Rice in a white bowl with green onion garnish with fork
Cajun Dirty Rice

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