Creole Green Beans

smothered creole green beans served on a plate with green border

There are lots of delicious ways to prepare green “string” beans…but here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Awesome Creole Green Beans.  Fresh green beans smothered with bacon, onions and tomatoes in a rich stock and just a hint of Louisiana cane syrup sweetness. No-angst and packed with flavor, these will have ‘em coming back for more. This great side dish goes with any occasion and elevates any meal. All I can say is…everyone will love them! Continue reading “Creole Green Beans”

Roasted Carrots with Cane Syrup.

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Simple? Four basic ingredients combine to make a sweet and subtle side that will get everyone’s attention. Roasted Carrots with Cane Syrup…the natural sweetness of carrots and creamy butter is intensified through roasting, cane syrup, made from Louisiana sugar cane, adds its tangy, sweet complexity without overpowering its partners, then it’s all punctuated with the fragrant and penetrating flavor of the thyme. Simple to make, but nothing simple about its flavor, here’s a look at how to make Sweet Daddy D’s Roasted Carrots with Cane Syrup.

Roasted Carrots with Cane Syrup
Roasted Carrots with Cane Syrup

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