Sweet Daddy D’s Mirliton Crab Bisque
Mirliton Crab Bisque-the mirliton’s mild flavor is a perfect vehicle for the succulent and rich crab meat and unique spice blend of nutmeg, allspice and cardamon in a creamy, rich bisque. Perfect for an appetizer or the main course, served with crisp french bread and a green salad.
Servings Prep Time
8Servings 30Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
1Hour 30Minutes
Servings Prep Time
8Servings 30Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
1Hour 30Minutes
Herb and Spice Blend
  1. Slice the mirlitons in half, lengthwise and poach in salted water for about 45 minutes until very tender when probed.
  2. Remove from the water and allow the mirlitons to cool, then remove and discard the seed and scoop out the meat with a spoon.
  3. Chop the mirliton; set aside until needed, but reserve about ¼ cup of pieces to add to the bisque at the end.
  4. Melt butter in a heavy bottom dutch oven over medium high heat until bubbly
  5. Add yellow onions and celery and saute until the onions are starting to clear-about 5 minutes.
  6. Add green onions and saute for another 2 minutes.
  7. Add the flour and mix in thoroughly, stirring constantly to make a blond roux-about 3 minutes; don’t let the roux brown,
  8. Mix in the creole seasoning.
  9. Add the carrots, stir to coat with the roux, then add in the mirliton and stir everything together very well.
  10. Lower heat and allow everything to simmer for about 10 minutes while the mirliton releases some of its liquid. Stir often and mash some the mirliton with your spoon while you stir.
  11. Increase the heat and add the stock and the wine.
  12. Mix well and bring it to a boil. Then reduce the heat and maintain a heavy simmer for about 20 minutes while it thicken. Stir often.
  13. Test to make sure the carrots are soft, then using an immersion blender, smooth out the bisque, making sure to get all the carrots and mirliton pieces.
  14. Add in the heavy whipping cream and stir together until it is all incorporated. Mix in about half of the spice blend and 1 teaspoon of salt.
  15. Add in the crab meat making sure not to break it up. Add the reserved mirliton pieces and carefully blend everything together well.
  16. Now that the crab meat is in, taste it again to check the seasonings. Add more of the reserved spice blend and salt if needed.
  17. Serve this in a cup as an appetizer, or in bowl as an entree. Some nice saltines or crispy french bread go well with the bisque as does a nice green salad.
Recipe Notes

Mirlitons are also called chayote or alligator pears. They will vary in size but  you want about four cups of prepared mirliton meat for this recipe.

Have some extra stock in reserve in case the bisque needs to be thinned out. Vegetable or chicken stock are an excellent substitute for seafood stock.

This recipe makes about 8 full size servings (bowls) or 12 appetizer size servings (cups)