Stuffed Bell Peppers

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I love stuffed bell peppers! When well prepared, the peppers are soft and mild and can be stuffed with most kinds meat or seafood-many in South Louisiana add rice to the stuffing; my grandmother used a mixture of ground beef and ground ham.

8 Stuffed Bell Peppers Ready for the Oven
Stuffed Bell Peppers Ready for the Oven

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First…you have a beer

First, you have a beer…. its not just an excuse to drink, its also an important part of preparation and preparation is an important step to achieve “no angst cooking”. Now I’m not

suggesting everyone drink to excess or forget that kitchens are dangerous places and you may not want to be too impaired. I’m saying that proper preparation will make the process much moBottle of Dixie Beerre enjoyable, and after all that’s why we’re doing this. So pause, take a deep breath, do what you need to do 
to relax. No angst, remember? It’s all part of the preparation. Maybe you don’t like beer, so have a wine or a whiskey, or recite your mantra, put on some music, think pure thoughts….whatever it is that will get you relaxed and ready to enjoy this process.

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