Brussels Sprouts Slaw

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Brussels Sproutsmaybe they’re not as polarizing as cilantro, but let’s face it, lots of people don’t love ’em.

Brussels Sprouts Cole Slaw

The cilantro hatred can get heated, with many people flatly stating they hate it but those that don’t hate it usually love it, there’s rarely any ambivalence. But when it comes to Brussels Sprouts, many people simply put it on the “I don’t like it” list but rarely want to get physical about it. I suspect that many times the cabbage-like perfume and the unique appearance lands the poor misunderstood veggie on the no-fly list without even giving it a chance. While cilantro may be the culinary serial killer, Brussels Sprouts are more like the ugly cousin of veggiedom. Given half a chance, I’m certain that many naysayers would be surprised how approachable it is. And since we’re always trying to impress with new and unique side dishes, Brussels’ flexibility may be just the thing you need to impress that snooty foodie who thinks you can’t cook anything at all. Who needs that angst, so, let’s dress up that ugly cousin and bring her to the prom…after all, she probably can’t get another date. Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts Slaw”

Classic Cajun Jambalaya

It’s finally here! The perfect match up-a football party and Cajun Jambalaya! There is nothing like gathering friends and family to cheer on your favorite team. Any football party has to have some great food fit for a crowd and my favorite feast for a football crowd is

A Pot of Cajun Jambalaya
Cajun Jambalaya

Jambalaya. Whether you are at a tailgate party or having a watch party at home, nothing says party and football better than Cajun Jambalaya. Continue reading “Classic Cajun Jambalaya”